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Culinary Adventure Co.

BIG DEAL - NEW VIP Membership Program


Culinary Adventure Co. is excited to introduce our unique + delicious VIP program to celebrate our Big Decade in 2021 - our BIG DEAL.

Culinary Adventure Co. began operating in 2011 with food tours and culinary experiences in Toronto, and over the last decade, we’ve grown our operations to offer tours in Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

This milestone is exciting for a small, family-owned and operated business like ours, it’s a ‘big deal’ for us and now it’s a BIG DEAL for you.

This year-long relationship provides a host of benefits, insider-access points, tasty events and private-members-only experiences.

The benefits of being a BIG DEAL with us means you get to enjoy:

  • Choice of one (1) FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ or one (1) LIVE IN-PERSON FOOD TOUR * for 12-consecutive months.
  • Two (2) seats, twice-a-year to our Big Dinner Series, where you and a guest will enjoy a meal with our Big Cheese Kevin Durkee and other Big Dealers.
  • One (1) FREE admission to every public FOOD FIGHT TRIVIA NIGHT game-night.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to try, taste and help choose what makes it into a new FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™, food tour, class or experience. *
  • 10% OFF all Culinary Adventure Co. programs, products offered for your personal use and bookings.
  • Complimentary Peace of Mind Tour Protection™ on all live food tour and experience bookings.
  • Private tour/experience set-up fees waived for all additional private, corporate or group bookings.
  • Priority shipping or routing (when possible) of your FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ and Culinary Gift Box deliveries.
  • Monthly Big Deal email/newsletter outlining events for the month.
  • Advance access to Culinary Adventure Co. merchandise, products and new benefits.
  • Advanced access to discounts and promotions before available to the public.
  • Advance access to new tours, boxes and events before available to the public.
  • Access to perks, discounts and offers from our local partners as they arrive throughout 2021.
  • Private access to our Big Cheese Kevin Durkee for recommendations, meal suggestions, food or drink options - consider him little your own personal Foodie Conceirge

We hope you joy us as a BIG DEAL and take advantage of this delicious program to support local and small. We will all build back together.

  • Full sign-up and information will be handled personally when your BIG DEAL is purchased.
  • All Benefits + Perks are offered for a 12-consecutive month promotional period, from the month you sign up, so you won't miss anything! You can join and be a BIG DEAL anytime!
  • Live Food Tours + Experiences will be scheduled when it safe to do so, in accordance with local, provincial and/or national guidelines.
  • Delivery costs for FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ are extra, and other additional fees or cost-coverage elements may be required for some behind-the-scenes access based on partner requirements and / or locations.

BIG DEAL - NEW VIP Membership Program