Sugar + Spice & Everything Nice | Holiday Deal Box™

Sugar + Spice & Everything Nice | Holiday Deal Box™

Culinary Adventure Co.
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By supporting our FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ series, you are supporting small + local + proud (but hurting) businesses. Let's take a 'BITE' out of COVID-19 together.

THIS BOX IS A GREAT HOLIDAY DEAL!  Over the last couple months, we've curated lots of incredible products, bites and artisan foods - but now we need to make room for new 2021 bites + boxes. 

So, we've created a box that is the best part of the Holidays - Sugar + Spice & Everything Nice!

Our curated Sugar + Spice & Everything Nice | Holiday Deal Box™ gives you a chance to be surprised, be filled with delicious artisan goodies, and get a GREAT DEAL!

Each box will be DIFFERENT, each box will be packed with more than $100+ VALUE, and each box will be a unique SURPRISE!

  • There could be something sweet?
  • There could be something savoury?
  • There could be something sticky?
  • There could be something boozy?
  • There could be something decadent?
  • There could be something crunchy?
  • There could be something salty?
  • There could be something spicy?
  • There could be Jams, Jellies, Breads, Nuts, Desserts, Pickles, Sauces, Mustards, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Chips, Drinks, Spices, Cheeses and more!
  • Who know's what you'll get until you open your box!

We GUARANTEE you'll love this season-end offer of our favourite items, most popular bites and the delicious stories behind them! No Boxes will be a like!

  • A perfect surprise gift who's craving a little culinary sunshine
  • Send to family, friends, colleague for a New Year surprise!
  • Great way to to engage clients, office teams and colleagues working remotely

    NOTE:  While our FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ series are not designed as a "meal kit" or a "meal delivery service", they are a delicious collection of yummy things we want to share and/or introduce to you.

    DELIVERY:  Our Sugar + Spice & Everything Nice | Holiday Deal Box™ will begin January 4th until supplies last, not before. Our team of elves need a little down-time to rest and regroup after a hectic holiday season.

    All deliveries in the GTA will sent by TAYZA, and outside the GTA core region and across Canada by CanPar.

    TERMS + CONDITIONS: Please see our FAQs for full details, on our FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ series and offers.