FAMILY Culinary Gift in a Box™

FAMILY Culinary Gift in a Box™

Culinary Adventure Co.
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This Culinary Gift Box has something for everyone in the family. Spicy, savoury, sticky and sweet - this curated collection of our family's favourites will be yours too.

We've packed in things to make a meal with, a few things to make together and lots of treats and snacks to enjoy together. The perfect box for an adventurous family.

Supporting local and small businesses across the nation is paramount for our team. Enjoy this Box with your family, friends or colleagues. It's too delicious + fun not to share.

Your FAMILY Culinary Gift Box™ includes:

  • Sachili Smoked Red Pepper Infused Topping so delicious on salads, eggs, grilled vegetables, pizza and more. (106g)
  • Simply Pantry's The Works Cookie Mix (800g), classic cookies with a mix of chocolate, butterscotch and salted caramel chips.
  • Crunchy COWS Cheddar Pops (53g), these nutritioius (but no one will every know) crunchy bites are 100% made from PEI cheddar.
  • La De Da Gourmet Sauces 12-Veggie Tomato Sauce (475ml), so delish you could enjoy straight from the jar!
  • Uncle Bob's Rainbow Kernels (690g), Ontario grown organic popcorn - perfect to pop and enjoy on movie nights.
  • Made with Local's Cranberry Choco Granola Bar Mix (300g)
  • Kozlik's Mustard Maple Whiskey BBQ Sauce (250ml)
  • Manning Canning's decadent Raspberry Chocolate Jam (250ml), your new best friend.

    Hospitality and tourism industries can't "work from home". Help us, help our small business partners.

    DELIVERY:  Deliveries of this item will be made by CarPar. A shipment notification will be sent to you by email, letting you know when your delicious package is on it's way.