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Culinary Gift Box



By supporting this SPECIAL EDITION BOX, you are helping us raise funds for BLADING FOR BEES FOUNDATION. $10 from each Box sold will go directly towards their awareness campaign this summer.

Bees are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we eat. They are the tiny-winged superheroes of the Canadian food scene. To support their efforts and BLADING FOR BEES remarkable campaign, we’ve curated this sweet box of honey-inspired culinary treats.

Doing good is always in great taste. Now here’s your chance to treat yourself (or a friend) with this special box, and celebrate Zach as he bladed more than 10,000 kms coast-to-coast this summer to a raise awareness for environmental stewardship and breaking a Guinness Worlds Record in the process.

Plus, your purchase also goes to support local + small businesses, artisans and farms that rely on the magic powers of Canadian Bees. Nothing sweeter.

Your BLADING FOR BEES Box™ includes:

  • Creamed Ginger Honey (250g) from Ontario Honey Creations, which in turn supports the great work of Toronto Bee Rescue.
  • Buckwheat Honey Malt Vinegar (100ml) from Ontario Honey Creations. This tart, rich vinegar is perfect for summer-time vinaigrettes or drizzled over garden fresh tomatoes.
  • You may have noticed that when Lavender is in bloom, it attracts bees like a magnet. That's because the fragrant plant has both pollen and nectar to feed the bees. What better way to celebrate this love-affair than with The Shortbread Company’s crisp, delicious and lightly drizzled Lavender Shortbread (100g)
  • Dry Mead Sea Salt Caramels (150g) from Laura Raes are hand crafted soft buttery caramels made in small batches, but this batch is custom-made with local Dry Mead, adding a delicious subtle taste of lingering honey.
  • A Box featuring ‘honey’ needed to have honey, right? Well, we’ve sourced the remarkable Blueberry Honey (250ml) from Front Road Market Farm. The Blueberry Honey is made from the nectar gathered from the beautiful tiny white flowers of blueberry bushes.
  • All of these tasty treats are perfectly paired with Canadian artisan cheeses, so we thought it would be prudent to add in some Bee Kind Beeswax Food Wraps (1x Small, 1x Medium, 1x Large) - featuring vibrant, hand-painted designs, these beeswax food wraps are absolutely essential for every low-waste kitchen.

Since 2011, we have celebrated local food + drink crafted by passionate artisans, restaurants and chefs. By supporting our FOOD TOUR IN A BOX™ series, YOU are supporting small + local + proud (but hurting) businesses. Shop Small. Shop Local.

PRODUCT: From time to time, our small batch artisans will not always have inventory perfectly in time for orders. So, we will make a swap to a product, but always it will be equal or greater value - and equally delicious. 

DELIVERY: We can ship this box ANYWHERE IN CANADA for you! Deliveries are done by a network of small, locally-owed delivery reps, so be patient.