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Culinary Gift Box




This Culinary Gift Box was a massive hit last year. We've wanted to curate the best our oceans and lakes could offer. This special collaborative box with our friends Mike's Fish Market in St. Lawrence Market is filled with their signature items - and our favourites. So good.


Supporting local and small businesses across the nation is paramount for our team. Enjoy this Box with your family, friends or colleagues. It's too delicious + fun not to share.

Your FISHMONGER BOX™ includes:

  • Fresh water Ontario Pickerel fillets (1lb) to be batter, batted or flake for a perfect Canadian bite.
  • Mike's signature Mini Crab Cakes (6) ready for the oven and a glass of beer. 
  • Octopus tentacles (3/4lb), ready for the oven, grill or cast-iron with lots of garlic, herbs, butter and salt.
  • Soft, delicate Smoked Atlantic Salmon (1/2 lb)
  • Sweet, tender and rich Bay Scallops (1 lb)
  • Cold refreshing Seaweed Salad (135g) to nibble on with a chilled glass of wine.
  • Plus, a couple of our favourite sauces and seasonings to kick-things up even more.
  • Dennis Seafood Sauce (250ml), which is instantly addictive and perfect to dip shrimp, scallops or just about anything from the sea.
  • Pistachio Dukkah (200g) from Zambonelli Fine Foods, a rich mix of savoury nuts and seeds - perfect for crusting any fish fillets.
  • Serves 2-4 people
  • A perfect box to enjoy through the holidays
  • Send to family, friends, colleague to say thanks / thinking of you
  • Great way to to engage clients, office teams and colleagues working remotely

    Hospitality and culinary tourism industries are still in the early stages of recovery. Help us, help our small business partners this Holiday season.

    HAND-WRITTEN NOTES FROM OUR ELVES: If you're purchasing this Box as Gift, we're happy to include a handwritten note in the box. Add your personal message in the NOTE section during your check-out process.

    NO INVOICES or COSTS IN THE BOX: Nothing to spoil the surprise gets packed in our boxes. No bills, no costs, no money stuff. So don't worry!

    PRODUCT: From time to time, our small batch artisans will not always have inventory perfectly in time for orders. So, we may make a swap to a product, but always it will be equal or greater value - and equally delicious. 

    DELIVERY: Select your Delivery Date window, and we'll notify you the night before, your Box is expected to arrive. Please note, this is the Holiday season with unprecedented demand, so please be patient.

    NOTE: Our FISHMONGER BOX™ is only available for delivery across the GTA.