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Culinary Gift Box




We love to embrace the fresh wild foraged foods around us, and yet there has never been culinary culinary collection to celebrate the producers, foragers and naturalists until now.

While we don't have the luxury of tucking in fresh Fall mushrooms, we've made a selection of our favourite wild and natural products to enjoy this Holiday season.


Your FORAGER BOX™ includes:

  • Manitoba Wild Rice (500g), this chewy, dense flavoured backed Wild Rice is delicious on it's own, but incredible in your Holiday stuffing, or seasonal soup.
  • Wild Forest Mix Dried Mushrooms (50g), Forbes Wild Foods partners with Indigenous and local suppliers to forage 12 to 17 wild mushrooms varieties. These wild mushrooms are incredible in vegetarian lasagnas, soups, polenta,  casseroles, and risottos.
  • Forbes Wild Foods Organic Amber Maple Syrup (250ml), is a deep flavoured staple in any foodies' pantry. Sweet, rich and an addicting addition to your morning latte, or classic breakfast spread.
  • Saskatoon Berry Compote (190ml), the Prairie's best berry is packed with perfect blend of sweetness and tart. Your toast won't be the same.
  • Forbes Wild Foods Pickled Milkweed Pods (190ml), these curious, soft pickled flower pods, are lightly marinated with cider vinegar and spices. Just like a pickle, they are great on a cheese and charcuterie board, tucked into your favourite vodka cocktail.
  • Wild Nettle Gouda (180g), Ontario's best Gouda maker MountainOak crafts this special Gouda, from local foraged Wild Nettle. A touch spicy, a touch oniony this rich and creamy Gouda is celebration of any cheese board.
  • The secret side hustle of Bees, is that Honey can be turned into Mead, which can be turned into Laura Raes soft, chewy Dry Mead Salted Caramels (150g) - these little gems are so good.
  • And to wash down all these incredible foraged treats, we've included County Bounty's Foraged Botanicals Tonic (2x 355ml)  This soda is made completely from foraged ingredients from Staghorn Sumac, Juniper Berries (from scrubby Eastern Cedars), Cedar leaves and Pine needles.
  • Perfect to share and enjoy with 2-4 people
  • Send to family, friends, colleague to say thanks / thinking of you
  • The perfect gift to bring to a dinner party or get together 
  • Great way to to engage clients, office teams and colleagues working remotely

    Hospitality and culinary tourism industries are still in the early stages of recovery. Help us, help our small business partners this Holiday season.

    HAND-WRITTEN NOTES FROM OUR ELVES: If you're purchasing this Box as Gift, we're happy to include a handwritten note in the box. Add your personal message in the NOTE section during your check-out process.

    NO INVOICES or COSTS IN THE BOX: Nothing to spoil the surprise gets packed in our boxes. No bills, no costs, no money stuff. So don't worry!

    PRODUCT: From time to time, our small batch artisans will not always have inventory perfectly in time for orders. So, we may make a swap to a product, but always it will be equal or greater value - and equally delicious. 

    DELIVERY: Select your Delivery Date window, and we'll notify you the night before, your Box is expected to arrive. Please note, this is the Holiday season with unprecedented demand, so please be patient.