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Culinary Gift Box




This holiday season we developed a limited-time Sugar + Spice Holiday Food Tour in Toronto. But we wanted everyone in Canada to be able to taste the spicy and sugary fun of this food tour at home. The perfect gift for that 'sweet + spicy' person in your life ... you know you have one!

Our curated SUGAR + SPICE BOX™ gives you a chance to be surprised and filled with delicious artisan goodies that have inspired our new Holiday tour.

Your SUGAR + SPICE BOX™ includes:

  • Fat Boy Chili Oil (250ml), this full flavoured punch of spice is the perfect condiment for noodles, eggs, fish and vegetables.
  • Bangkok Blend Spice (40g), The Spice Traders' Thai-inspired mixture of ginger, galangal, fennel, garlic, sweet basil and chili flakes. It has a fresh flavour, mixed with some sweetness and a bit of heat.
  • Zambonelli Foods Hazelnut Dukkah (110g), is a savory nut and seed mix - and is perfect for seasoning vegetables, crusting meat and fish, and adding to olive oil for dipping bread.
  • North of Brooklyn's Fermented Hot Sauce (100ml), Toronto's pizza icon is now producing their 'hot sauce' for your home. So good.
  • As seen on CBC's Dragon's Den the remarkable Come Back Snacks, Gingerbread Caramel Popcorn (250g) - trust us, this popcorn is worth the whole box.
  • Utoffeea's hand-crafted smooth and rich Dark Artisan Toffee (135g)
  • Sweet Campangola Cured Sausage (300g) naturally aged for 75 days to produce a distinct and rustic country flavours from our friends at Salumeria Il Tagliere
  • Perfect to share and enjoy with 2-4 people
  • A perfect box to enjoy through the holidays
  • Send to family, friends, colleague to say thanks / thinking of you
  • The perfect gift to bring to a dinner party or get together 
  • Great way to to engage clients, office teams and colleagues working remotely

    Hospitality and culinary tourism industries are still in the early stages of recovery. Help us, help our small business partners this Holiday season.

    HAND-WRITTEN NOTES FROM OUR ELVES: If you're purchasing this Box as Gift, we're happy to include a handwritten note in the box. Add your personal message in the NOTE section during your check-out process.

    NO INVOICES or COSTS IN THE BOX: Nothing to spoil the surprise gets packed in our boxes. No bills, no costs, no money stuff. So don't worry!

    PRODUCT: From time to time, our small batch artisans will not always have inventory perfectly in time for orders. So, we may make a swap to a product, but always it will be equal or greater value - and equally delicious. 

    DELIVERY: Select your Delivery Date window, and we'll notify you the night before, your Box is expected to arrive. Please note, this is the Holiday season with unprecedented demand, so please be patient.