Stay inside, we’ll bring our Food Tours to you! | Support small businesses.

Local Food Needs Us!

As a small family business ourselves, we are working hard to find new ways to support our restaurants, shops and small business partners during this uncertain time.

Join us in our "bite" against COVID-19.

Other Ways to Support

If you're thinking of canceling a trip or activity, consider credit or rescheduling before a refund. Plus, here are other ways to help out.

Buy a Gift Certificate

Like a little micro loan, buying a Gift Certificate helps us and our team get through this time. So, buy those Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas presents EARLY this year!

Reconnect with a delicious meal.

Have something to look forward to with your friends and family when this crisis recedes. Purchase Food Tour tickets now for that special reunion of new memories, needed hugs and yummy food.

Treat yourself.

Our city is filled with culinary finds around every corner. You'll be ready to try something "new" soon. Join us on one of our delicious food tours later this year or even 2021. Book today!